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Aono Jikken Ensemble

Exploring new sights and sounds in experimental music and performance-based art


Check out Michael Shannon's "Broken Mask" CD on MusicYourMindWillLoveYou and "Raido" CD-R on Digitalis Recordings.   Mike is also featured on the "Wailing Bones Volume 4" CD-R.

OhHold Music plays music from our Page of Madness CD on the City of Seattle phone systems and web page.

Past Works

bulletPerformance pieces
bulletSilent film scores

Upcoming Events

Upcoming projects for AJE include a new live score for The Water Magician, a 1933 silent film by master Japanese director Kenji Mizoguchi.
The group is also creating Kioku, an exploration of human consciousness filtered through the prism of history and memory.

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